So much of business is mindset.

When people do mindset work, they double, triple, and QUADRUPLE their profits. I kid you not, the people I know who do multiple 6 figures or multiple millions focus PRIMARILY on mindset.

So what is mindset work? It’s the commitment to spend time figuring out what’s blocking you from doing multiple 6 figures in your business – and CEO days are your ticket to ride.

Sit. Think. Strategize.

CEO days are where you sit and think about your business, read about business in general, read about mindset, and work ON your business instead of just IN it.

You get to enlighten yourself on:

  • Who you are and what you want
  • Where you’re headed
  • What you need to do to make your business better

And ask yourself:

  • What do I have to do to make room for growth?
  • What can I do to streamline the processes I’m using?
  • What do I WANT for my business?
  • What does my next year of business look like? 5 years from now? 10 years?

Jenny and I have days where we just sit and talk strategy – HIGH level strategy – for our business, and it’s a complete game-changer.


What CEO Days Feel Like

When you have CEO days, answers and ideas come to you like little flashes of lightning.

In terms of business, it’s through these moments of just sitting, thinking, and reading that you get the most bang for your buck. It’s not in the activities of your business where you actually make the most growth, it’s in the stepping back, taking a bird’s eye view, and honing your vision.

I didn’t make this up. Billionaires do this. Warren Buffett, Bill Gates, and Oprah all do this.

Sitting, thinking, and strategizing are high-level, macro-level activities. You might not feel like you get as much “done” today, but in the long run, you make room for millions of dollars of growth.

Start Now And Disconnect In Order To Reconnect To YOU

Sometimes people say, “When I get to a certain point in my business, I will start doing X, Y, Z.”

Say no to that kind of thinking! You’ve got to become a business owner who operates at a level that 6-figure business owners operate at. That means taking entire days for mindset even if you’re only making $30k per year.

It’s also super important to disconnect from technology during your CEO days. That means no TV, no Facebook, and no emails. Everybody can afford this. Take a day where you are literally doing nothing but thinking about your business and strategizing for your business.

The more time Jenny and I spend on the macro-level, the more money we make, the more we have the life and business that we want, and the more we have time to do even more high-level strategizing.

I’m sure your end game is not to work for your clients forever! You have other things you’re doing! So what does that LOOK like?

Cast The Vision

We spend so much time in our businesses in the micro, but we need to pause in the macro and pay attention to the visionary we each have inside of us.

Make sure that you’re creating a business that supports YOU as a person, your desires, and your dreams. It’s only when we do things we don’t want to do and don’t serve our higher purpose that our business starts to derail.

You’re going to make WAY more money going in the direction that you WANT when you take a step back and examine that bird’s eye view.

So hunker down. Take away the distractions (HELLO resistance!) that get you off the mark and away from who you are and what you want.

Go deep into self. Think. Be proactive.

Examine your business and your life – even your lifestyle! Do you need to hire a housecleaner? Have child care? What needs to change?

The magic is in the quiet moments.

If you want more high-level strategy and really cool ways to be proactive in your business, The Academy is open and we are having a BLAST in there. Come join us and let us know how your first CEO day goes!