You are a salesperson. Your ability to get anything you want in life requires your ability to persuade other people. It’s really that simple.

If you look at people who are really charismatic, they’re sales people. If you look at people who often get what they want no matter what their profession, they’re sales people.

If you’re not able to persuade anybody, then you are not going to have what you want in this life. Is it sleazy? No. Are there people who make it sleazy? Yes.

You’re not one of them.

That’s why I love PITCHING. Client acquisition is my absolute favorite part of this whole process!

And you know what else?

I don’t believe that you don’t have time to pitch. Everyone makes time for the things they want. But what I do believe is that if you are UNCOMFORTABLE reaching out to a client or selling your services, then miraculously, you’re not going to have time.



The number one key that separates successful freelancers from unsuccessful freelancers is that you’ve got to drink your own Kool-Aid.

And I don’t just mean a sip here and there.

You have to find where you get OBSESSED with your own service.

In order to be obsessed with and sell your service, you have to believe without a shadow of a doubt that it is a DISSERVICE for you not to sell it to companies you seek.

Here’s why this is difficult for a lot of freelancers:

You don’t believe in your product.

You don’t believe in your service.

You wouldn’t spend what you’re asking because your brain hasn’t made the connection to why what you offer is so important.

You may be able to make the connection to why it’s so important on a general universal scale. But you don’t see how what YOU do will bring results and how YOU are part of that equation. You don’t see how what you’re offering will bring people more money, happiness, and freedom.

You’re Sold Either Way


You have to believe down to your core that what you offer is life changing.

Because here’s the thing – you ARE sold. A person who has something to sell is always sold. They’re sold in that they absolutely LOVE what they’re selling and can’t wait to get it in someone’s hands. And the only genuine way you muster that up in a way that actually converts into clients is if you actually believe it.

The other side to this equation is not that you’re not sold on anything.

Grant Cardone talks about this a lot. You’re sold that it’s not worth it. You don’t see how you impact the bottom line. Maybe you think that you’re not talented.

You’re sold either way.

It’s hard to drink the Kool-Aid and actually believe something different sometimes, right?

Well, you have to. Or it’s not going to work. That’s the thing.

You have to get to a point with your services where it is a MORAL RESPONSIBILITY. You see a company or individual struggling? It’s your moral responsibility to step in.

You CAN get there. It just takes you believing in what you offer.

BELIEVE In Your Offering


In order to believe in what you offer, there are a few things that have to take place:

  1. You have to do some soul searching as to why you don’t believe it.
  2. Dig deeper. It’s always connected to the fact that you don’t feel good enough to actually deliver.
  3. Dig one layer beneath that. It IS your responsibility to continually make your craft better and add value to what you offer.

Sometimes what you’ll find is that you don’t want the RESPONSIBILITY of having to show up.

It’s a vicious cycle.

You don’t want the responsibility to show up because you don’t believe you’re going to make a damn difference or do a good job when you DO show up → therefore you don’t really believe in your services → you don’t really believe it’s your moral obligation to help these businesses → you don’t get excited about what you offer → therefore you don’t pitch → and then you say you don’t have time.


So what I want you to do is take a step back.

Really examine why you don’t believe in what you’re offering.

Any holes need to be patched because you will not convince a client and sell it if you don’t.

When I first started, I believed so passionately in what I was doing that businesses literally could not say no to me because I drank the Kool-Aid hook, line, and sinker.

I was in my own AQUARIUM of Kool-Aid.

The more you think, “I can DO this” for somebody, the better your sales will get.

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