3-Pitch Makeover


When you learn to master the cold pitch, you FINALLY have power over your income. There’s no cap, no number you can’t hit, no limitations.

Your only limitation is CAN YOU PITCH?

A GREAT cold pitch is worth six, multi-six, and even seven figures, so it’s important to NAIL down a pitch that converts high-end clients quickly.

Would you like me to give THREE of your pitches a makeover, help you spin your words into freelance gold, and help you FINALLY have in your possession a set of pitches that land $17K in monthly retainers. YEP, we’re using that number because just ask one of our clients 😉

Whether you have multiple services or want dynamite pitches ready to go for a few favorite industries, having Jenny workshop THREE of your pitches will get you the OPENS you crave and the responses you deserve.

Here’s what you get:

  • TWO rounds of feedback from Jenny on EACH of three pitches
  • The first round includes an audio recording of notes, revisions, feedback and specific-to-you pitching guidance
  • The second round includes a set of written notes with polishing feedback
  • PLUS: Full access to the Build-A-Pitch Workshop Date TBD)

Price: $597.00


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