Hi Guys!


Last week I went on my first ever commercial audition (when in LA do LA things right?).


As I waited with the other actors, I listened to them chat amongst themselves about how much they needed this job. The one girl sitting across from me was clutching her phone almost in tears debating to call her boss.


I asked her why she was so upset.


“This is my third time calling off – and if I call and say I’m at an audition I am going to get fired.”


Now I am all for living the creative life – but suffering for it? No.


“What is it you want to do”?


She literally looked at me like I had two heads.


“I want to be an actor.”


Oops my bad. I may have forgotten where I was…


After a few more minutes talking to this girl, I realized she owned spray tan equipment and lived in the capital of anti-pale legs. She could be making a fortune on her own terms and not stressing about her restaurant and bartending jobs firing her while she was at an audition – or looking at each audition as a make or break financial situation. In ten minutes we worked out a two-week marketing plan for her to get her business up, running and thriving. And what I could tell was that YES she wanted to be actor –  but she wanted the financial stress off of her even more. 


What passion of yours is suffering under the weight of financial stress? What creative venture would you like to get off the ground, but you’re constantly worried about money? How could you rework that talent, so  it supported you while you pursued your passion project?


As far as the rest of audition – I didn’t get cast (which is A-OK) but I had a ball pretending I had Psoriasis, not worried about money and just enjoying the moment –  because the moment and money were in no way dependent on each other. 


And you know who pitched the fact that I was a copywriter while I was in room with ad agencies? Yep this girl! Because opportunity is truly everywhere. Even when you fake have Psoriasis and your friends won’t hang out with you 😉


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Talk to you soon!