Pitching is a freaking DESTINY maker.

You want to be your own boss? You’ve got to learn how to pitch.

Pitching enables you to create the clients that interest you out of THIN AIR. You don’t have to wait for somebody to post on a job board that they’re looking for you to go get them!

Here’s the thing with the cold pitch – you don’t want it to be too safe. You DON’T want it to be boring. Guys, I use the word “badass” in my subject lines!

The beauty of this is that once you’ve got a kickass pitch in one industry, you can tweak it just a little to pitch similar companies within the same industry. Customize it to an industry and then personalize it to the company you’re writing to and you’ll be shooting out pitches left and right in NO TIME!


Pitching Checklist



Now, onto for the REAL reason you’re here!

Ready to see a high-level pitching checklist followed by a real life pitch example that LANDED from one of our Academy students?


  1. Choose FIVE COMPANIES to pitch every single day and be selective! Only pitch the brands you’re most excited about!
  2. Do your RESEARCH. What is a company missing that you can provide?

Pro tip 1: Pitch companies making $10M and up. They’ve got the budget to hire you!

Pro tip 2: Owler will give you a strong ballpark on a company’s net worth and Hunter will help you track down a CMO’s email address. Make it personal and address it to the right person!

  1. Keep your email fun, complementary, engaging, and SHORT.
  2. Engage with the company on SOCIAL MEDIA.
  3. Make the initial email ALL ABOUT THEM – until you hit them hard with your value!
  4. 6. Tell them WHY you’re reaching out and be VERY specific.



  1. 7. Keep the CONVERSATION going and consider ending your pitch with a question.

Pro tip: Make a request to hop on the phone to chat your staple closing in EVERY cold pitch!

  2. If you have something IN COMMON – say so. A friend, LinkedIn connection, or shared interest can go a LONG way.
  3. Offer VALUE before you sell – and don’t sell too hard!

Pro tip: Include a statistic of how what you’re pitching will impact their bottom line!

  1. Ask for the CALL. This is where they’ll really buy YOU and you’ll get a chance to connect, LISTEN to their needs, and casually begin closing the deal.

Pro tip: End every call with your version of, “Why don’t I put down on paper everything we talked about,  how we can best work together, and get it over to you by X?”

  1. Make your subject line MEMORABLE.

Pro tip: Kickass (what you do) LOVES (company name!) goes a LONG way!

  1. Let it go and MOVE ON to your next pitch!






Subject line: Kickass Copywriter LOVES Man Crates!!

Hey Garrett!

So let’s talk about how I was just sitting in my living room cruising the web for a kickass gift for my fiancé when I swan dived into the manly black magic that is Man Crates. I feel like all my dude-gift fantasies just strutted into the room, winked, and gave me a fist bump!

I’m a copywriter and bring the linguistic noise to brand voices to get companies more traffic and more sales. My superpower of blogging and blog strategy + your superpower of manly delight = a rendezvous that shouldn’t be missed!

Companies who blog 4x/wk can boost traffic by 60% (!!) and I’d LOVE to see Man Crates take blogging to the bank! You might as well smoke your competition and reach a much wider audience with consistent, strategic content!

I’d love to share my ideas for how to supercharge your brand even more with a killer blog. When’s a good time to chat? Let’s pencil each other in!

Thank you again for making my life 10x easier and for the tears of joy I’m about to encounter from my dude.

Crowbars up,


You know what their response was to her?

“Man Crates LOVES kickass copywriters!” And the rest is history!





The point of the cold pitch is not to land the job, it’s to get you the phone call and leave them wanting to hear more. Intrigue them enough where they want to call you!

Once you get a response and they want to hear you’re big ideas, get them on the phone and go for broke! Don’t be stingy with your big ideas. They’re not going to steal them lest they execute them half-assed. Your great ideas are what will get you HIRED, so SHARE them!

Make it your mission to send 100 pitches a month – especially if you’re just getting started and don’t have a client roster yet! 5-7 pitches a day is what will get your business up and running FAST.

And finally, remember that YOU ARE YOUR OWN BOSS! You create your own opportunities and have the power to build the lifestyle you want!

If you’re crying tears of joy over FINALLY having a step-by-step pitching guide, WAIT UNTIL YOU JOIN US IN THE ACADEMY! We go WAY more in-depth, dig into every single point on this checklist, AND you’ll learn to kick ass writing your OWN pitches!

See you there!!