I wasn’t always a six-figure freelancer.

I was a struggling 2x college dropout, ex-waitress who was down to her last 75 bucks. I was told that the only way my writing would ever make me money, was if I sold a book or a movie. And even then, meh.

But paying for dog food in quarters (luckily, he’s tiny) gets old. And slinging eggs every weekend (not to mention wearing them) did too. As I started to look around, I realized my skill with words had value for businesses. So I grabbed my laptop and took a stab at the wonderful world of FREELANCE.

Annnnd my first jobs SUCKED. Gigs I am so sure you’re familiar with. Five cents a word and maybe a stick of gum if they were feeling generous.

After one particularly bad encounter – $600 for 5,000 product descriptions (EEK) – I put my foot down. NO MORE underearning. People had marketing budgets and I deserved a hefty chunk of that budget!

I started upping my rates (when people told me not to) and charging appropriately – and guess what? I stopped working with and attracting cheap bottom feeding clients. I started working with the top brands and tech companies and funded startups.

And soon, my crummy wages turned into a six-figure income, with just two clients and three day weekends.

There is NO reason why you can’t do it too.

Truth is, there are only two things separating me and you if you’re not making those lofty six-figs.

1. I know my value and believe it’s worth every penny I ask for.

2. I ask for it, regularly (sometimes daily).

Work on your craft. Be the best copywriter, designer, video producer, social media marketer, etc. you can be and then ASK for what you WANT.

Believe you can and you WILL.

I’m here for you every step of the way.