Six-figures and freelance writing.

Does that sound oxymoronic to you? Maybe even impossible?

A simple Google search will have anyone believe in unicorns and middle earth, before they think earning six-figures freelance writing is possible.  

While the verdict is still out on unicorns, I can tell you this with certainty, you CAN make six-figures freelance writing from home. The real issue is that what you see online (at first glance anyway) isn’t an accurate representation of copywriting or the real market as a whole. 

It’s also not a true representation of what a six-figure freelancer does differently than someone who isn’t earning six-figures.  The secrets are just as much about personal practice and mental habits as they are about daily schedule and the actual writing.

Without further adieu, here are five of the best little-known secrets you MUST know if becoming a six-figure freelance writer is your dream.


Secret #1  They Think Like a Business


Successful freelancers know that to sit around and wait for the perfect gig to appear online is certain death to their business. Instead of spending all their time scouring the Internet for posted gigs, hoping (and praying) that something of merit pops up – they go and create their own opportunities. They pitch their own ideas and chase down their dream clients. Six-figure freelancers know their business is no different than any other small business. Small businesses market themselves and reach out their perfect clientele instead of expecting their perfect clientele to magically find them. A six-figure freelancer does the same.


Secret #2 They Follow Up


Simply put, if you’re not following up then you’re not cashing in. Following up is arguably the most critical part of landing new clients – and yet it’s one that most writers shrug off as NBD. A common scenario I see all the time as a freelance coach is a writer will invest a lot of time on the front end (researching potential clients, reaching out etc.) and then when the person writes back for more information or to start a dialogue, the writer totally drags their feet on getting back to them. Sometimes it takes them days – or if it doesn’t seem like an “instant” client, they let the person slip through the cracks. Six-figure freelancers follow up immediately. They stay in touch regularly with prospects. And until they get a firm “no” they act is as if it’s a YES on the table. The difference between following up and not following up is worth THOUSANDS.


Secret #3 They Drop the Drama Around Money


The most successful freelance writers I know (myself included) have a great relationship with money. Contrary to popular belief, it isn’t having money first that helps you have a great relationship – but it’s that healthy relationship that helps you have more money. Simply put, if you expect to be broke, you will be. If you expect to have money in your life, you will have it. Whatever we expect for ourselves is apparent in the actions and micro actions we take to reinforce our beliefs.

Successful freelancers don’t hold onto “old” money stories. They know they’re free to create a life by design and we don’t focus on why we don’t have enough – we find a way to change our reality. One of the best ways to do this when you’re first starting out is to constantly reinforce your beliefs by following and studying people who have done what you want to do and imitate them. Your life will be filled with people that say it can’t be done -it’s your job to weed the money drama out of your life and reinforce that it can be done by surrounding yourself people who’ve done it. When you understand that it’s simply a matter of perspective the fear and drama around money melts away.


Secret #4 They Don’t Have a Backup Plan


It’s hard to move forward if you’re constantly looking back – and that’s exactly what having a backup plan forces you to do. Six-figure freelance writers commit deeply to their decision to have a successful business – and every choice they make is based on making that choice succeed. They possess a MUST DO attitude and instead of freaking out and thinking about the “what- ifs” or running to a safety net during challenging times, they find creative solutions and find these solutions much easier than someone who has a backup plan – mainly because their focus isn’t split between two ideas.  If writing is going to be your thing, then it MUST be your thing.


Secret #5  They Collaborate


Want to make six-figures freelance writing? One of the biggest secrets to your success is directly related to how well you play with others. Six-figure freelancers collaborate with other writers and marketing professionals regularly. They form alliances and connect other writers and pros to their dream clients and jobs. They work hard at maintaining their relationships, because they know without relationships and referrals, it’s impossible to crack six figures freelancing. These top-tier freelancers understand that their relationships are the most valuable currency in their possession – and they treat them accordingly.

Secret #6  They Take Action Daily 


Six-figure freelancers don’t start out as six-figure freelancers. It isn’t luck that gets us there and it sure as heck isn’t inconsistent action. Every six-figure freelancer knows that it takes daily work to get this business off the ground – and keep it there. Too many writers reply to a few posted gigs send out an email and then kick back for the rest of the week until they get a reply. By doing this you end up losing weeks of time, banking on a handful of emails that you probably don’t hear back from. When I first started my business I reached out to 6-12 people a day. Not a week. Not a month. Per day – because that kind of dedication IS what it takes. 

These six secrets aren’t magic – but their result is magical. It doesn’t take a single cent to start changing the way you approach your business and start applying these secrets. If you try them out (or have a few secrets of your own) let me know in the comments below. I’d love to hear from you!


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