I am a such sucker for mommies – especially on the job.

Over the years I’ve had the privilege of working with some of the best mothers in the freelancing world. From bloggers to project managers, copywriters to graphic designers – my roster of mommy rockstars is an impressive list of women who inspire me daily.

Maternal energy also happens to be my ultimate weakness. One minute I’m debating taglines with the creative director and the next thing I know she’s sending me on my way with Chex Mix and a bottle of Smart Water because traffic is too bad to brave without a snack.

And yes. I also have to text her when I get home, just to let her know I’m safe.

Besides my personal obsession with my mama bear colleagues, I also have to tell you plain ol’ objectively –  mothers make the BEST freelancers.

Freelancing is AMAZING. But it definitely comes with its own set of crazy challenges. Weirdo hours, demanding clients, payments getting “lost’ in the mail. They take some adjusting to – and some people never really adjust. But all these “issues” are NOTHING to freelancing moms. In fact, not only are they fazed the least, but they seem to get everyone around them in line – in no time. Take no prisoners and take no sh*t. Because at the end of the day  they want to get back to their kids (after all that’s why they work from home) and because their priorities are so on point they’ve learned how to be the MOST efficient in the time it takes me to decide what I’m having for dinner. And if a mama happens to be leading the entire freelance team? Heaven help the HR person/CEO/marketing VP that crosses her cubs or walks all over their time and dime.

In honor of Mother’s Day and my ten years freelancing with some of the best mommies on planet Earth, here are ten reasons why they are just the BEST at this freelancing stuff (and why they take care of their freelance teams better than ANYONE on planet Earth)


1. Clients, your indecisiveness does not scare her. You’re no match for the three hours spent with a three year old who can’t decide between a pink tutu and Star Wars socks OR Pull Up Pants with baby Uggs.


2. Your strong opinion is considered fickle at best in comparison to the toddler who KNOWS he wants chocolate milk and spaghetti for breakfast.


3. Long hours? Crazy hours? Odd hours? Check. Check and check. As long as nobody’s demanding breastmilk at 4am, we’re cool.


4. Babysitting CEOs? Puh-lease.


5.  Client didn’t get your check in the mail when promised? Someone’s Skype/Gmail/doorbell is blowing up until there’s payment in hand- and not a minute before. Because she is your on-the job mom and NOBODY walks on you like that.


6. You can whine. But she won’t really hear you. But she’ll LOOK like she did.  And it will look concerned AND convincing.


7. You can whine. And she will hear you. And then you’ll stop. You WILL stop.


8. She knows what a real problem is. Is your arm falling off? Is there a Lego/Starburst/little people up your nose? No. Then it’s not a crisis and we CAN fix it. And no, the last Instagram post that bombed is NOT an emergency.


9. Deadlines? Try telling that to someone who was 10 days overdue, forced to push, followed by a C-section. Not sure if it’s the Lamaze classes or prenatal Yoga, but mommies don’t panic over deadlines. They breathe and get us through them. Calmly.


10. Client say something mean/insulting/down right cold? That’s cute. She has teenagers.


To my freelancing mommies – thank you for teaching us the VERY best of time management and making sure we’re taken care of. You’ve made my freelancing years feel like home. There are truly countless reasons why you’re the best at this freelance life <3. 

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