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I’m all about helping YOU –  writers, freelancers and aspiring freelancers connect with high-paying clients and maximize your income & lifestyle potential so you can stop working for someone else and start living for YOU. As a highly-sought after copywriter who went from $75 left to her name to running a six-figure freelance copywriting business, I’m here to support and encourage you as you create your own lucrative freelance business. It’s time to stop working for someone else, stop waiting for your life to start, and make the money you need to live an extraordinary life NOW – fueled by your writing talent and the freedom to work from anywhere.

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Almost a decade ago, I put my foot down. That was it. I was never going to work for someone else again. I was also never going to accept the myth that as an aspiring screenwriter, I’d have to financially struggle or continue working in the service industry slinging eggs and burned bacon ‘til the day Hollywood scooped up one of my scripts. My talent was worth way more than that and frankly so were the hours in my day. And so, I transformed my last $75 into a six-figure freelance copywriting business. One that I work from home – or anywhere else in the world. I don’t ask for time off. My time is mine to travel, play, write, create – whatever I want, when I want. Today, I’m all about helping YOU launch your own successful freelance writing business – so  you can stop working for someone else and start living your own six-figure dream… Read More

I didn’t quite know what to expect from a copywriting coach, but I had heard such good things about Jenny and was frustrated with my day job, so I thought all I could lose was a little money. Well, I’m proud to say I’ve already made that money back! This has truly been an inspiring experience. I was immediately impressed with how on top of things Jenny is. She has a strong, specific game plan that had me hit the ground running. Not only has she been 100 percent present in our meetings, she’s helped me between sessions when I’ve had to negotiate with clients. It’s been a huge asset to have a professional guide me through these first jobs. Jenny has the most positive, encouraging attitude to really make this an enjoyable process. My only regret is that I didn’t go to her sooner!

Jenny’s professionalism, enthusiasm and level of expertise exceeded my already high expectations. I immediately felt I could put my trust insomeone with such a strong business acumen and the vision to guide future copywriters through a market with so much potential for growth. This is a rare opportunity to cut right to the chase and build a business with a strong foundation that is tailored to your personality and life goals.


I’m happy to report that within one year of opening the doors of my business I have doubled my income as a freelancer – all thanks to Jenny Beres! Jenny has helped me to gain clarity and focus as a freelancer. Before Jenny, it was all wheel spinning, scouring Craigslist and content mills for jobs. After just a few meetings with Jenny, I now know how to make genuine connections with new clients and leverage existing relationships into more work for my business. Jenny has taught me strategies that WORK, and I will continue to use her methods as my business expands!


My time working with Jenny changed my entire mindset about how I relate to money in regard to my writing career. I was like so many writers — excited to get a paycheck for writing, hankering to do more, but I overlooked a key component of selfcare. Jenny taught me that money is an exchange of energy, and my willingness to take less for something that would require more, was devaluing my craft and myself. She helped me take that concept and apply it to my life, so I could build relationships with clients that recognized the value of the work and the writer. I can’t say enough good things about Jenny, as both a coach, and a human being. She’s the best!